Litigation Scanning & Copying

image of scannerOur Boston Business Printing staff has years of experience reproducing documents for legal cases…over 30 years, in fact. We do not operate a store-front location. Rather we have a secure facility where we can copy the sensitive information contained in your lawsuit documents.

We use the latest technology because we understand that precision and thoroughness are critical to winning your cases.

Your document-heavy cases can be scanned and copied for easy retrieval. We know the process, so your materials are accurately reproduced and perfectly organized.

Count on accurately reproduced materials—confidentially—for both hard copy and e-files. Additionally, our facility is purposely designed to ensure confidentiality.

Our services include:

  • SCANNING to CD or flash drive: We can scan your discovery documents, categorize them, and save them to CD for easy archival.       
  • DISCOVERY document copying: We have several copiers that can reproduce your hard copy discovery documents. We hand-check every page to ensure 100% accuracy.       
  • BLOWBACKS: From e-files to hard copies. We can take your information from CDs or flash drives and create hard copies for you to review.
  • BRIEFS, APPENDICES: We maintain the appropriate color covers and stock the binding supplies
    you need.
  • FILINGS: Boston Business Printing can deliver your filings along with your briefs and appendices so you don’t have to!
  • TRIAL EXHIBITS: Within a matter of hours, we can print and mount your trial exhibits in color or black & white for your courtroom presentations.